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Sprite and SpriteList Classes (Update)

Posted in Game Development on May 25, 2009 by cannibalcat

After almost a week of fiddling with a set of generic sprite classes, I decided to roll all the functionality I need into one class that can represent a static or animated sprite, allows for transformations (rotation, scaling, flipping, etc.), allows for multiple animations per sprite and has 3 distinct collision detection methods (radius, bounding box, and pixel) available. The only thing left to enhance are the collision routines so that they can account for any transformation effects. My greatest victory so far has been the ability to do pixel perfect collision with the animation frames (off a master sprite sheet). All in all, these classes are ready to be included into our platformer. More on this later!


Sprite & AnimatedSprite, SpriteList & AnimatedSpriteList

Posted in Game Development on May 21, 2009 by cannibalcat

Well, spent the past two nights coming up with a solid and generic set of classes for static sprites, animated sprites (w/multiple animation support) along with their respective “List” classes for XNA game development. So far so good, need to run some performance tests tonight and then retrofit our in-development platformer to use them.

Reading Material

Posted in Game Development on May 11, 2009 by cannibalcat

A glimpse into the required reference materials for the ancient console programmer…

Various Assembly Language reference books at our disposal...

7800 Foolery

Posted in Hardware Hackery on May 8, 2009 by cannibalcat

Finally got around to making one of our Atari 7800’s work with DevOS 0.2… custom cable even works fine! The 32K Pokey RAM cart however, well, not so sure… this is my second attempt at it and I’m still having no luck. But here are some pics of the mods (including a nice A/V mod allowing s-video and mono RCA audio output, which I’m still tweaking a bit).

Looking for a Pixel Artist

Posted in Game Development on May 8, 2009 by cannibalcat

Still looking for an artist to do backgrounds and sprites for our 2D arcade and role playing games. If interested, I have mockups of what we currently need. Immediate requirement is for a small set of sprites for a 2D platformer game being done with XNA for XBLCG. This is also the game we are going to submit for Dream Build Play 2009, so we would share in any profits from the contest or sales of the game win or lose.

First XNA Game

Posted in Game Development on May 6, 2009 by cannibalcat

Ok, so… time to put my C# skills to use! I’m loving this XNA framework, more than I should be really… not sure what it is. Anyway, started to work on our first arcade platformer, titled “Chubbles”. I’m going to need an artist to redo the placeholder graphics I am using at the moment (ripped from various sources), and do some more audio processing on the sound effects I put together, but all-in-all I’m happy with how it is coming together. Screenshots to follow soon, perhaps even a video or two.

Hello PC Development (Again)

Posted in Game Development on May 6, 2009 by cannibalcat

Oh well… so the XNA hoopla finally caught me… alright alright… I take some of it back (about C# and managed code)… but we are still making some progress towards stable development environments for both the Atari 7800 and Atari Jaguar. Let’s see if I actually am fortunate enough to get a new Skunkboard Rev.2 (I’m number 154, or 158… something like that).

Working on an IDE for 2600/7800 development, with the following features:

  • DASM assembler integration
  • DiStella disassembler integration
  • 7800ctrl file transfer integration (modernized)
  • ProSystem emulator integration
  • Project types: 2600, 7800 TIA, 7800 Pokey, 7800 TIA/Pokey
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Dynamic help (opcodes and 2600/7800 specific registers, etc.)
  • Supported processors: 6507, 6502C

More to come as I have time… looks good so far.