Hello PC Development (Again)

Oh well… so the XNA hoopla finally caught me… alright alright… I take some of it back (about C# and managed code)… but we are still making some progress towards stable development environments for both the Atari 7800 and Atari Jaguar. Let’s see if I actually am fortunate enough to get a new Skunkboard Rev.2 (I’m number 154, or 158… something like that).

Working on an IDE for 2600/7800 development, with the following features:

  • DASM assembler integration
  • DiStella disassembler integration
  • 7800ctrl file transfer integration (modernized)
  • ProSystem emulator integration
  • Project types: 2600, 7800 TIA, 7800 Pokey, 7800 TIA/Pokey
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Dynamic help (opcodes and 2600/7800 specific registers, etc.)
  • Supported processors: 6507, 6502C

More to come as I have time… looks good so far.


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