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Secret of Qwerty Released!

Posted in Game Development on August 16, 2011 by cannibalcat

Back in July we released our latest PC mini-game entitled “Secret of Qwerty”. The description is as follows: “Secret of Qwerty is an educational game inspired by The Typing of the Dead and Dragon Warrior. You walk around, buy items and fight beasties as in a typical role-playing game, but when you actually do battle, instead of issuing commands you type words on the keyboard! You can also cast powerful spells and collect magical trinkets on your way to defeat Qwertz and his Four Guardians forever.”


You can download the game from IndieDB here:


Atari 7800 Development

Posted in Game Development on August 16, 2011 by cannibalcat

Well, with the demise of our Jaguar development hardware (we sold it all off) we have decided to jump down to the 7800 and give that a whack. We have 4 interesting and unique game ideas planned, very much in the spirit of those obscure 2600 titles that would pop up from time to time. We setup a new development area for just this purpose (as shown in the photos). There are two 7800s (one stock, one modified with DevOS 0.2 connected via parallel port to the host PC) and various development carts (32K RAM w/POKEY chip, EPROM socket, etc). Game titles are: “Harmless Clown Party”, “Mosh Pit”, “Fight For Food” and “Don’t Aggro Mom!”