Every Other Shooter = Complete!

We finally finished the coding for our indie XBox 360 arena shooter entitled “Every Other Shooter”… I posted some vids on the Facebook page. We are going to continue testing and optimizing while the box cover art is completed. Then we submit for peer review!

One great breakthrough in optimizing this week was utilizing the “ThreadPool” class of the .NET Compact Framework (see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb203914.aspx). We were able to offload the laborious load routine at the start of every level through this async methodology. First step was to setup a helper class to queue the work item:

Declare a delegate function:

And then simply use the delegate function in a call to the “Fire and Forget” method of the AsyncHelper class:

Simple and clean, no need to worry about return values or when it completes… our main game loop chugs along now without dropping any frames!

Original article for this async pattern is here:



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