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Posted in Game Development on October 23, 2012 by cannibalcat


Had a recent discussion with Zaid about future projects, etc. Best thing that came out of it was our decision to go back to C++ and the Allegro 5 API. So I’ve managed to create a project starter template that can be statically linked with all the supporting libraries. Now in the process of porting over core game engine classes from our C#/XNA framework. Once that is done, we are porting “Every Other Shooter” this way and developing “Space Madness” with it as well. It feels so good to leave XBLIG and XNA behind…



Posted in Game Development on October 11, 2012 by cannibalcat

So as it turns out, developers (such as myself) that target the XBox 360 platform (XBox Live Indie Games) are left in the lurch when it comes to the ability to promote our games with “prepaid codes”. These codes are given to the developer for each title they release, a quantity of 50 that they can hand out to reviewers, friends, etc. so they can redeem a full copy of the product for free. This is vital for soliciting reviewers and review sites, as they don’t have to incur the price of admission. It has been reported that this vital service has been broken on the Microsoft App Hub site for many weeks now (active thread is here: There have only been vague responses from the support channel as to when (and if ) this will be fixed. It’s already too late for my latest release, I never got the codes for it. Why do we pay the yearly membership fee of $99 to Microsoft if they are not willing to take our efforts seriously?? What exactly am I paying for anyway? I call on all XBLIG devs to boycott this platform indefinitely. I’m so done with this nonsense. I’m in the middle of my second release for the platform, yet I’ve lost the desire to go forward with it. I may have to do a PC only release through Steam or another service that doesn’t suck ass. FOAD Microsoft…