Demon’s Sword WIP

Well, it’s been many months since we have abandoned development with Microsoft XNA on the XBox 360, and many months since we’ve updated this site, but we have developed a 2D game framework in C++ using Allegro 5 that does everything (and then some) that our previous 2D XNA based engine did. A small little side diversion for us was to remake (and enhance) an old favorite dungeon crawler called “Telengard”. I am currently working on this with Zaid and it is coming along nicely! We decided to add a storyline and an ultimate goal to the game, 30 level randomly generated dungeon, 18 enemies to confront and numerous weapons, armor, potions, spells and loot! Here are two early screenshots of it in action… stay tuned, I’ll be providing updates as I progress. This will be a PC only release (for free!).

Image Image


2 Responses to “Demon’s Sword WIP”

  1. I’ve been playing the game. What happened to the tiles used in this wip screenshots? Those look really cool.

    • cannibalcat Says:

      Thanks for playing, the original mock up graphics were from the X68000 version of Ultima, so we needed a new set for the final release.

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