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New game “Tight Freeze”… a remake (of sorts) in the works!

Posted in Game Development, Video Games on December 11, 2013 by cannibalcat

Well, I got sort of distracted over the weekend and went through some early 80’s arcade games in MAME that I hadn’t played before and a couple early Stern and Universal games caught my eye. One Stern game in particular “Tazz-Mania” showed some potential but has some annoying flaws, so to make it fun again, I’m doing my own version! Tentatively titled “Tight Freeze”, you are a penguin who must collect fish, freeze (and destroy by kicking) your enemies before the ice walls close in, all the while fighting decreasing temperatures which make it harder to move! Stay tuned…

Tazz-Mania screenshot

Tazz-Mania in all of its color cycling glory!


Home of the Slave

Posted in Game Development on December 3, 2013 by cannibalcat

My partner in crime Shaune Kelley has been busy developing our first FPS offering entitled “Home of the Slave”. We are currently developing this with Unity and are beginning to hash out the story line and map requirements. More on this soon! Here are some WIP screens from a week ago:

1477665_10152043370514496_1526716618_n 1452573_10152043511949496_1023226349_n 1486728_10152043503029496_1204360270_n

Space Madness Update

Posted in Game Development on December 3, 2013 by cannibalcat

Well, things are going really well with the development of “Space Madness” for the PC. I’ve gotten the enemy pattern scripting core down and now I’m finishing up the remaining graphics and sprite animations. Also took the opportunity to add PhysicsFS file system support to our 2D engine along with MD5 checksum validation to deter data file tinkering. In the meantime, some preliminary screenshots!

1452184_10152027506214496_927585650_n 1459758_10152027506239496_1142870389_n