Cannibal Cat Software started out in 2009 as a part-time hobby / homebrew game development team. We have two programmers along with a sound and music producer who also does all our 3D modeling and level design. We are always looking for a good pixel artist, as we do not have this talent in house. Our target platforms currently include the classic Atari 8-Bit platforms and PC.

We are currently focused on using the Allegro 5 and DirectX APIs for PC and Unity for 3D development (Cross-platform).

We plan on releasing Atari 2600 and/or Atari 5200 titles into the homebrew community within the next year or so (as time permits!).

  • Rich Walter – Programmer (C#, C++, 6502 Assembly)
  • Zaid Walter – Programmer (C++, Java)
  • Shaune Kelley – Sound, Music, 3D Models and Level Design (Unity Engine)

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